We believe in building long term relationships with the farms that grow the coffee we love to roast. After tasting a range of coffees from each farm, we carefully selected our favourites. We started working with our first small scale grower, Nachammai Estate, in 2014 and added another small scale grower, Vivekananda Estate in 2015.

When we moved to Delhi in 2012, gone were the local roasting shops we had frequented in Chennai. While the beans they provided may not have been terribly fresh, or even all that flavorful, they at least made a drinkable cup of coffee. In Delhi, we found our options were limited to pre-ground mass produced coffee or overpriced, imported beans that were roasted months ago.

Despite the fact that India grows specialty coffee that could compete with just about any in the world, it is surprisingly difficult to find any of it sold domestically. Figuring that there were many others like us who would enjoy a good cup of freshly roasted coffee, we decided to start Blue Tokai Coffee. Our mission is simple: introduce our customers to the estates we buy our great tasting coffees from, roast the beans with care, order by order, and ship them out to customers the next day. The coffee we roast is the coffee we like to drink. And we hope you like it too.


ATTIKAN is named after the valour depicted by the man who started the coffee farm in 1888. Found in the mist covered forests of the Biligiri Ranjan Hills in Karnataka, Attikan Estate grows some of the best Arabica in the region.

BICCODE ESTATE is located on 322 acres at an altitude of 3,400 ft in the Hassan region of Karnataka. Both Arabica and Robusta grow in idyllic conditions surrounded by more the 50 species of birds, boar and deer.

 is an award winning estate owned by Balanoor Plantations, whose experience in the coffee industry dates all the way back to 1937. The coffee here is shade grown and bird friendly, and is cultivated using environmentally sustainable practices since the folks at Balanoor strongly believe in preserving the natural forest that their estate is located in.

KALLEDEVERAPURA ESTATE dates back to the 1900s and was the first farm we visited before we launched Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters. The lush estate is situated at an altitude of around 4400 feet above sea level in the picturesque Bababudangiri Hills in Chickmagalur, Karnataka.

BIBI PLANTATION is located in the heart of the Coorg coffee growing region in the Sunticoppa district of Karnataka. Old growth trees covered in pepper vines provide both cover for the coffee shrubs and homes to a number of bird species, while jackfruit and papaya are grown on the estate as well.

BALMAADI ESTATE is located 4000-6000 feet above sea level in the Nilgiris and 50kms away from the well known hill station of Ooty. The organic and biodynamic coffee grown in this award winning farm meets the strict regulations set by the IMO in Switzerland and the Coffee Lab in Bangalore.

YELLIKODIGE ESTATE is located on 152 acres at an altitude of 3,800 ft in the Aldur region of Chikmagalur, Karnataka. The estate was converted to fully organic by an avid environmentalist and ornithologist nearly 25 years ago and is also certified by the IMO.

NACHAMMAI ESTATE is located 1400m up in the Sheravoy Hills, near Yercaud in Tamil Nadu. The estate was originally part of a larger plantation which belonged to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mysore and is now in the processes of being converted in to a fully organic plantation with a homestay.

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