Mason & Co was started by a husband and wife team who love the art and science of making and eating chocolate.

Jane has trained as a Chocolate Maker and a Raw Food Chef and is generally obsessed with everything natural, healthy and yummy.

Fabien has lived in India for most of his life and is a trained Sound Engineer… but being French, fine food and fine chocolate are in his genes.

When Jane moved to India, being vegan and a lover of good chocolate she found herself in a chocolate drought so, the couple started to research the cacao industry in India and began to visit farms to understand the local market. They started buying small amounts of beans and making chocolate at home, experimenting with the different beans to assess flavour and quality.

It soon became apparent that there were many other deprived lovers of chocolate in India as friends and family started asking for the home made chocolate. Their love for bean-to-bar, organic chocolate saw the business expand from this home laboratory into a small artisan factory.

The team now make chocolate from beans sourced from India and abroad which is supplied to individuals and stores all around India.They work directly with farmers to improve post harvesting practices and boost the Indian cacao industry and provide consulting services to individuals or businesses wanting to explore chocolate making.

“We aim for organic, vegan and superior quality. We take great pride in producing a conscious product that makes people happy”


Cacao is a superfood, which basically means that it is good for us and is higher in health promoting agents than most other foods. Cacao has been shown to benefit cardiovascular health, weight management, cholesterol and to be filled with antioxidants, magnesium and other vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Unfortunately the majority of chocolate sold in India today contains very little cacao, lots of milk and sugar and is full of chemicals and preservatives. Also, it almost always contains a product called Compound. Compound is essentially a vegetable fat that is used to replace the cacao butter in chocolate. Compound is cheaper than cacao butter, tastes terrible, and is of inferior quality and quite frankly it is not chocolate!

We believe in keeping cacao as close to the natural form as possible so we can pass on these health benefits. We add minimal ingredients and our chocolate is dark which means no milk and less sugar. We have an organic and natural philosophy using organic beans, organic sugar and we add no chemicals, preservatives or emulsifiers. This way we preserve the wonderful flavour of the beans and also the health promoting agents found in cacao.


Wherever possible we try to use all local and organic produce as we believe it is better for our health, the flavour of food and the environment.

When it comes to our cacao beans, our farmer partners in India are Organic Certified by IMO and India Organic. So, all of our regular bars are made from organic cacao beans.

When it comes to added ingredients, we make every effort to use organic certified products. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to secure a reliable supply of high quality organic produce.

For our Limited Edition bars we like to experiment with seasonal produce or unique ingredients which may not always be organic. We also like to explore cacao beans from different parts of the world and unfortunately for many small cacao farmers the cost of organic certification is too expensive and the demand is just not high enough. However the reality is that these small cacao farmers grow their trees without or with minimal use of pesticides, which they can’t afford.

Here is our view. We believe in full transparency. We love organic but we also don’t want to limit your chocolate experience. So our packaging is either marked ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ and this is what we mean:

ORGANIC: we have obtained an organic certificate from the farmers and suppliers. All our beans sourced within India are organic certified and/or biodynamic.

NATURAL: we do not have organic certification but we believe the beans or additional ingredients to have been grown without or with minimal the use of pesticides and in a manner that honours the environment and culture of the region.

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