Phalada Pure & Sure is a range of certified organic food products stemmed from our aim of providing complete solutions across organic supply chain. By offering end consumers quality organic food products which are sourced directly from farmers, we make sure our involvement in the supply chain from farm to hands. Our products guarantee purity and reach your hands without the use of chemical fertilizers, additives or artificial ingredients.
We go one step further to satisfy our customers: in areas where our supplies are limited, we source premium organic products from across the globe and deliver a complete range of pure products that sure serves you the best.

Of all the definitions of organic farming, the one that conveys its spirit is this: an ethical practice that brings humans and nature together. Being ethical towards both human world and nature at the same time might appear impossible. However, at Phalada Agro, we constantly achieve what is impossible by carefully cultivating a network of farmers and a set of sustainable organic practices.

Phalada Agro Research Foundation Pvt. Ltd, a company based in South India, was founded in 1999 with a vision of delivering end-to-end solutions for organic agriculture. At Phalada, we connect the makers and markets in two ways: we provide farmers’ groups with a premium market and produce global quality organic products for international markets.


Behind every PhaladaPure & Sure Product is a collective of farmers spread across India. In our aim to spread ethical and sustainable farming practices, we join hands with more than 500 farmers. Our network of farmers across India enables us to cultivate a wide range and variety of crops. Our farm groups are located in the Southern Indian state called Karnataka, in North India, on the plains of Uttar Pradesh as well as in the Himalayas.
We provide our farmers with seeds and planting material and give them training in Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP). In addition, we encourage them to grow medicinal, aromatic and dye plants as intercrops, or to sustainably collect wild herbs that are already growing on their land.


Our farms and processing facility are certified to the following standards: NPOP, EEC (Europe), NOP (USA), JAS (Japan), Bio-Suisse (Switzerland), Demeter, Kosher and Forest Garden Programme (FGP). We are also in the process of applying for FairTrade and Bio-Equitable certification for some of our farms.

We have an agri-input division which works as our backbone. It offers farmers a range of 37 certified organic inputs such as vermicompost, bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides. These inputs when combined with the on-farm inputs of farmers produce crops of international quality. The Phalada Pure & Sure products that reach your hands carry with them not just surety and purity, but a tale of collective efforts and tremendous measures.



Behind every Phalada Pure & Sure product that reaches your kitchen, there is a series of rigorous quality measures. We exhibit a no-compromising attitude towards quality and test every product for microbiological contamination and heavy metalsto ensure that no impurity reaches your table. We carry out various measures to test pesticide residue and chemical analysis. Backed by relevant test certificates, our state-of-the-art in house laboratory equips us to produce a wide array ofAyurvedic herbs in compliance with the API (Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India).


A transparent and competent traceability system is the key ingredient of our food chain supply. With this system we help you trace the origin and means of production of every Pure & Sure organic commodity. In addition to tracking the origin of a product, the traceability system helps us maintain the highest quality standards. If issues arise during cultivation and post-harvest processing, we trace them back to their cause and prevent any futureoccurrence. It also enables us to strengthen the most important areas of the supply chainandwe deliver final productsthat exceed industry standards and your expectations.

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